Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Snapshot [12.16.12]

I had so many posts that I wrote to put up this week but I guess I forgot to schedule them...whoops!
I promise I'll post them this week!
This week was super crazy!  Between school and my birthday (I turned 17 and got my license!), there was hardly any down time.
Now there is only one week standing in between me and winter recess!
I'm super excited for Christmas and can't wait for the holiday break from school!

This week I'm going on a field trip to NYC for one of my classes which is really exciting!  I haven't been on a field trip for school in years so it's defiantly a treat!  It's for my interior design class so we're going to a design firm, The New York Design Center,  FIT, and a few other stops.

I went into the city yesterday and saw the tree in Rockerfeller Center and the Fifth Avenue window displays!  I love NYC during Christmas time.  It's such a magical place!

And as I'm writing this post, I'm taking a break from writing my paper for English.  We have to write an abstract definition for a word, and the word I chose  is friendship.  I'm having a really difficult time writing it though. I know what I want to say however am having trouble putting it into words in a logical way that makes sense.
(kind of like this post...sorry it's all over the place!)

Anyway, I'm pretty much all done with Christmas shopping and am so excited to give everyone their presents!  Just one more week to get through before the holidays everyone!
We can do it!

What will you guys be doing this week?

Whatever you'll be doing, hope you have a great week!

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