Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NYC Field Trip

So yesterday I had a school trip for one of my classes at school, interior design. 
We hit a few stops in the city including FIT, the New York Design Center, and the site of the Freedom Tower.
It was really interesting to go to the showrooms in the design center and see how the industry works.  
Although interior design is not a career I plan on pursuing, I really enjoyed learning about the different aspects of the job. 
FIT was also extremely interesting.  When I was younger and wanted a career in fashion, I really wanted to got to FIT.  Now being there and touring the school, I don't see myself fitting in there. However their programs looked really amazing and I'm sure going to school in the city has great perks!

Then lastly we went to the Freedom Tower downtown.  It was definitely a bittersweet feeling seeing the tower going up and just remembering all the lives lost that day.  When the tower and memorial is completed it will definitely be a beautiful tribute to those who died that day.
Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures I took at the design center!

Obsessed with the mirror in this picture and the gray textured draws! 

Isn't this headboard just beautiful?

How amazing would it be to have a light fixture like this hanging in your house?


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