Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Shoe Trend: The Slip-On Sneaker

I've been so obsessed with finding the perfect slip-on sneaker. 
Like it's actually become an obsession. 
Everyday for the past two weeks I've been scouring the web for the perfect pair.
I'm not entirely sure which one I want in my closet (well actually I want them all) but I've narrowed it down a little!

I'm looking for a versatile shoe, one that I could wear with a bunch of different outfits.
I also want one that can be dressed up (well, as dressed up as a sneaker can get) in a cute outfit, but also one I can wear with cutoffs and a tee during the summer.

Right now I'm leaning toward the Joie 'Kidmore' in black (upper right hand corner below!) but I don't want to commit just yet. 

The slip-on sneaker is super hot right now and I can totally understand why.  
1. It's a sneaker - so it's comfy. 
2. It's much cuter than most sneakers.  The options this season are endless!  Leather? Yes. 
3. Easy to throw on - no laces!

I think the slip-on sneaker is going to be my thing this spring.  I can feel it now.

These are a few of my favorites at the moment!

Spring Shoe Trend: The Slip-On Sneaker

{Click above to shop via Polyvore!}

How do you feel about the slip-on sneaker?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

RedBubble Stickers

Lately I've been seeing so many pictures on Instagram of cooly decorated laptops with perfectly arranged stickers, and I fell to follow the trend.  Call me basic.

So I went on a quest all over the internet to find stickers, and I think I found the treasure chest (of stickers). is the answer to all your sticker needs.
They have everything from the latest bands, trendy designer parodies, tv shows, celebrity references, and fun symbols.  
Literally any kind of sticker you want, they have.

These are the stickers I bought.  
Of course I had to get the trendy Célfie and Homiēs stickers because would I even be a basic white girl without them?
Then I had to get stickers to represent my two favorite shows ever, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.
And the cowboy boots are perfect for showing my inner southern belle.  

I had to play around with the arrangement a little, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out!

So if you're on the hunt for laptop stickers, definitely check out Red Bubble!