Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall Wish List

     As much as I love when Summer arrives, I can never wait until the Fall season begins!  Fall is probably my favorite season fashion wise.  I love layering and cannot get enough of boots.  This upcoming season, I am loving the rich colors and leather!  I also love how some of the summer trends such as color blocking were seen on the Fall runway, which will make the transition from the warm months into the new season easier.  Here are some things that I am coveting for fall or in other words, my Wish List!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get the Look: Miley Cyrus

I absolutely love this outfit that Miley Cyrus was seen wearing while shooting a movie in LA last week. It's a perfect outfit for school and one that I will definately be sporting this fall. 

Here's how to get the look: 

Denim: Hollister Skinny $24.75


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun School Supplies!

     With school starting in just a month, it's that time of year where everyone is starting to get ready to return to school!   I feel like this summer went by so quickly this year and cannot believe that September is just around the corner.  The back to school shopping is basically the only part of going back to school that I enjoy.  I love buying new notebooks and pens and sharpening new pencils.  The feeling of starting new and fresh is definitely really great.  While some may find shopping for school supplies boring and tedious, I love looking for all the things I am going to use throughout the year!  Take a look at some options below for some really fun & functional school supplies that will be perfect for starting out a  new year!

Pencil Cases
   This website ( has just about any kind of pencil case you want.  Whether you are looking for a shoe or a chic Eiffel tower, they have it all!  I am kinda obsessed with the converse sneakers, they come in a variety of colors and are big enough to fit all your pencils, pens, and highlighters in it.
     This bag is perfect for storing all your writing untensils plus more!  You can also put your calculator, a pack of gum, chap-stick or whatever else you need.  And since they are available in many different colors and prints, you can coordinate your pencil pouch with your school bag!

     I love bright, bold and vibrant prints like the one on this pencil pouch!  It's super fun and the perfect accessory to store your pens in!  

Technologies & Cases

     I love the color of this bag.  Usually I'm not entirely someone who loves orange, but the color of this bag is super fun and super chic.  It doesn't even look like a laptop case to me!  I totally looks like something you could wear out as a clutch.  With no doubt, you will be the chicest in school with this case!

2. D-I-Y Bedazzled USB
    HP USB Flash Drive $9.99 
     Instead of spending $45 on a Swarovski dazzled flash drive, you can easily make a look-alike for a fraction of the cost.   When I first got a flash drive, I just took a simple black one and put the stick rhinestones from the craft store onto it and got so many complements at school about how cool it looked.  It's definitely such an easy way to glam up your supplies!

1. Cup-A-Cake Cupcake Holder $6.00
     I'm pretty sure this is just about the cutest, most amazing thing I have ever seen.  It is the perfect storing container for your treat to put in your lunch bag and bring it to school.  It completely solves the problem of having a smushed cupcake and is completely worth every penny.

2. Built Gormet Getaway Lunch Bag (in City Grid) $21.99
     This bag looks extremely modern and chic.  I love the black and white pattern and the handle design.  It's also the perfect size!  It's not to big but not too small.  And it's environmentally friendly!

3. Floaters Thermal by Lily Pulitzer $15.95
     Lily Pulitzer always makes things in such bright, colorful prints, which is one of the reasons I love her so much!  This thermal is perfect for putting your morning drink inside on those crazy, hectic mornings.

1. Wacky Packages Erasers $8.00
     So I'm pretty embarrassed to say this but I used to be obsessed with wacky packages.  I used to collect the cards and store them in a special binder, so when I saw these online, I was extremely excited!  I think they are so adorable!  They are the perfect way to add a little fun into the school day.

2. D-I-Y Pencil Decorating by Honeyflower3
     Fancy pencils can get expensive, and that is why I love this D-I-Y video for decorating your pencils to give them a little something extra.  This tutorial is super easy and is a super fun way to make your day sparkle just a little bit more!  

3. Smencils $11.68
     I'm sure many of you are fans of these yummy smelling writing utensils!  My favorite would probably have to be the cotton candy one along with the watermelon one.  This pack comes with one of every scent, so it's perfect for trying them all!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Today I finally went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET!!  I have been waiting forever to get the opportunity to go and since it's closing this weekend, I made sure that I set a day to go this week.  
I left my house this morning at 7:30 with my mom and my sister.  Luckily I only live about a half an hour away from the city so I didn't have to get up too early.  But when we got there, there was already a line outside the museum.  Then when the museum opened at 9:30 we had to wait another hour and a half to get into the exhibit!
However besides all the lines and crowds of people, the exhibit was amazing!  I have never really been that close up to couture gowns before and it was so cool just to see all the techniques and stitches that make them.
Alexander McQueen was a legendary designer and it was so nice that they gave fans a chance to view his work and really appreciate how brilliant he was.
If you have the chance to go before Sunday, you should definitely go!  I promise you that you won't be disappointed!  I do reccomend that you get there early if you are going in the morning because as we were leaving the exhibit around 10:30, the line was wrapped around the whole museum and didn't look fun at all.  Also, the museum has special hours for the exhibit only from thursday to sunday.
(Thursday - Friday the exhibit closes at 9
Saturday - Sunday the exhibit closes at midnight)

For more information click here.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Lazy Dayz

victoria & i (:

     I love those beach days during the summer where you just lay on your towel all day and eat all the fried junk food they have on the boardwalk.  Last week I went down the shore with my sister and my best friend and we had just like a completely lazy day.  Now the Jersey Shore definitely isn't a tropical escape, but it's nice to just lay out in the sun all day.  The beach definitely has to be the best part of summer!

And Happy Shark Week!
Enjoy the video below of the dolphins we saw!