Friday, February 28, 2014

My Everyday Jewelry

I love jewelry.  But when I'm getting ready for school in the morning, the last thing I'm thinking about is what bracelets I will match my outfit.
There are, however, a few pieces that I always find myself wearing.  I keep them out so I can have easy access when I'm literally sleepwalking/getting dressed.

My Everyday Jewelry

I start with my pearl earrings.  Literally wear these every single day.  They go with everything and make every outfit a little more girly.
Next, I put on my gold watch.  It's one of the few pieces of jewelry that's both cute and practical.
Then I layer some assortment of gold necklaces.  I really love the Dogeared necklaces and this Marley Lilly monogrammed necklace is one of my favorites!
Lastly, I usually put on my 'A' initial ring.  It's really simple and dainty.

What does your everyday jewelry consist of?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

NYFW Prom Dress Wishlist

Happy NYFW (although it's kind of over now)!  It's again that time of year where I completely space in school and spend the whole week on social media & looking through the shows.
Now normally I like to recap my favorite shows, but this time I thought I'd do a little something different.
With prom on the mind, I thought I would share my favorite gowns of the runway that if I could, would wear to prom!

Jenny Packham
Doesn't this look like something a princess would wear?  Love!

J. Mendel
This dress is super trendy and the varying length makes it interesting.

The asymmetricalness of this gown is perfection.

Naeem Kahn
I'm obsessed with the neckline of this dress. 

Mara Hoffman
I love Mara Hoffman's use of prints in her pieces.  The mix here is just great.

Tadashi Shoji
Hey, finally a dress other than black or white!

Tadashi Shoji
Ugh I die for anything and everything Tadashi Shoji.  His work is just exquisite.  

Christian Siriano
The cut outs on this dress are so great. 

{All photos via}

Which gown is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts: Men

I love shopping for men.
I always find myself ending up in the mens department, eyeing cable-knit sweaters and pastel shorts - picking outfits for my imaginary boyfriend (okay I now realize how pathetic that sounds haha). 
Anyway, I love shopping with my dad.  We have so much fun picking out outfits for him.

I don't have a boyfriend so the only man I'm shopping for this Valentine's Day is my daddy but I think these gifts will work for any man in your life.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Men

{Click above box to shop!}

I swoon over any guy wearing Vineyard Vines.  Like it's actually the most beautiful thing ever. Extra points if it's pastel.  Which man wouldn't love this manly pastel pink shirt?
Next, guys love watches, right?  This black Michael Kors watch is actually pretty sharp.
Tickets for sports games always works.  Even if you don't necessarily understand how the point system of basketball works, tagging along shows you're taking an interest in something your guy likes.
Speaking of points, baking your guys favorite treats will score you some!  It's somewhat easy (depending on if you're Betty Croker or not) and inexpensive!  Check out my Pinterest board for more great recipes!
I got a pair of these Clarks boots for my dad for Christmas and he loves them!
Lastly, in my eyes, cologne is a great gift.  I know perfume and cologne is sometimes looked down upon by some in terms of proper gift etiquette, but I love receiving new scents!  The sampler set at Sephora is perfect because it lets the gift receiver try out a number of different scents and then redeem a coupon for a full-size bottle of their favorite!

What are you gifting the special men in your life this holiday?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts: Jewelry

I decided that this week will be Valentine's Day Gift week on the blog!  All week I'll share my top gift picks for just about everyone in your life.  Today I'm starting with jewelry, which is probably one of the most popular choices of gifts for this special holiday.  

I think jewelry can either be super personal or just a fun little gift.  In the past I've gotten some pieces that I cherish and really value, and others that I wear but don't think anything other of it than it was just a really cute gift.

With that said, it's important to pick a piece that's appropriate for the message you want to say with your gift.  If you want it to be more special, spend a little more money.  For a fun present for your best girlfriend, find a quirky piece that fits in your piece range.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Jewelry

{Click the picture above to shop the pieces!}

For your friends, these Gorjana-Griffin rings are perfect!  The 'Cutout Heart Ring' and 'XOXO Ring' are fun and perfect for pairing with other rings!
You can never go wrong with a Dogeared necklace.  They have the perfect charm for everyone in your life from your best friend, mom, or that special someone.
The cobalt & gold wrap bracelet from Henri Bendel is perfect for the chic and trendy girl in your life.
A Michael Kors watch is always a great gift.  Every time they check the time, they'll think of you!
If you are looking for something a little more expensive and special, you can't go wrong with a David Yurman or Hermes bangle.  

**The Gorjana-Griffin rings are now 35% off (+Free Shipping!) with code: SWEETHEART**

Check back this week to see more gift guides!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

LF Sale!

Today I did a little shopping in SoHo and came across a wonderful surprise.
LF is having their 60% off sale!
Today was the first day of the sale, and it continues until everything is gone!
So run to your nearest LF for some AMAZING deals!

If you've been to LF during their sale before, you know how insanely crazy it is.
Think about a store on black Friday.  Then times that by 10.  Yes, it's that crazy.
But the sale is so worth it.  I promise.
Just be prepared!  Bring a water, charge your phone, and wear comfy shoes because you will be standing in crazy lines searching through high piles of clothes.

The girls at the SoHo location in New York are the absolute sweetest!
They bring clothes for you to try on, search for your size in those crazy piles and are the best stylists. 

So I wanted to share what I got to give you an idea of how amazing this sale is!
CAR MAR Rayon Denim Mid Rise Black Zipper Jegging
Originally: $216.00
Sale: $86.40
I love these jeans!  I was in the dressing room and one of the girls brought them to me.  I couldn't be happier!  They were on an amazing sale and fit great!

Katsumi Mix Chiffon Flounce Sweater
Originally: $156.00
Sale: $62.40
I love the chiffon fabric under this sweater!  Since it's attached, it's easy to throw on yet it looks like you carefully planned this amazing outfit.

Katsumi SpecYarn Sweater Tunic
Originally: $148.00
Sale: $59.00
One of the LF girls was wearing this sweater with a lace tank (the one below!) underneath and the side zipper open - it looked so cute!  The color is great and the zipper makes it really unique!

Millau Scalloped Edge Pleather Skirt
Originally: $138.00
Sale: $55.20
This skirt is so perfect!  From the pleather to the scalloped edge to the little cut out design, this is the skirt for a girls night out.

LOVE MAR Strappy Bra 
Originally: $48.00-$52.00 
Sale: $19.20-$20.80
These are my favorite bralettes!  They are perfect for shirts with a low neckline and literally come in just about every color.

Emma and Sam Lace Hem Tank
Originally: $108.00
Sale: $43.20
I got this tank in black but my sister's white tank showed better on camera!  I am in love with this lace trimmed tank top!  It looks great under sweaters, flannels, and with leggings!  If you hit the sale, definitely get this!

Stretchy Bracelet with Charm
Originally: $28.00
Sale: $11.20
I bought this bracelet for my best friend for her birthday!  The color is great and it's perfect for layering with other jewelry!

I would love to hear your LF Sale experiences and the great deals you score!