Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I'm beyond excited for the warmer months to come!  I only have 30 more days left of school and can't wait to just relax for awhile.  I've been in a little bit of a funk lately, and the only thing that makes me feel better is thinking about summer.  Shopping also has been a source of stress relief recently.  Here are just a few things I've picked up in the past few weeks.

I adore the color blocking of the heels.  They were only $13 on!  Although I will probably get very few chances to wear them, they are great little decor for my room!  The loafers were only $11 and I are a classic piece in any wardrobe.
Shop: {black loafers}

I immediately thought of these J.Crew sandals when I saw these leopard flip flops at Old Navy.  With a price tag of a fraction of the cost of the J.Crew ones, I couldn't pass them up. Obviously they aren't made as well as the J.Crew ones but for the price, I don't mind buying another pair half way through summer.  I also recently picked up a new pair of Sperrys!  I've wanted a pair in this light leather color for a while and when I got a 25% coupon, I knew it was time.
Shop: {flip flops} - P.S. today is the last day of the OldNavy sale -> save 20% off your order with code: ONSAVE20

Both of these pieces are from Old Navy as well.  I saw this color blocked maxi dress and fell in love.  I can't wait to wear it during vacation on the beach or walking around at night.  The cobalt blue is stunning.  I also bought his cobalt blue gingham shirt.  I have been looking for an inexpensive gingham shirt for awhile and was so happy to find one at Old Navy!  It's perfect for spring.
Shop: {gingham shirt}

For summer, I absolutely love anything sailor/nautical.  For that reason, this little sweater is definitely a favorite of mine right now.  I bought it at Love Culture a while ago and have waited so long for the weather to warm up.  I think it will look super cute at the beach at night with cutoffs. 

These two shorts I picked up at J.Crew and cannot wait until summer to wear them!  I'm such a sucker for seersucker! (haha get it?)  But for real, seersucker in the summer is what I live for.  These are a coral/cream striped pair and couldn't be anymore comfortable. And this sailboat pair?  Tell me these aren't the cutest little shorts ever!  Again in this creamy coral color, I can't get enough.
Shop: {seersucker}

And my love for colored denim continues.  I picked up these neon coral color at J.Crew and I've been dying to wear them.  My camera didn't pick up the beautiful color of these pants.  It's just one of those colors the make you happy.  Neon has been seen everywhere for spring and I'm lovin' it.
Shop: {denim}

Lastly, I had to have these neon magenta shorts.  Just the classic 'Chino' shorts from J.Crew, they are the perfect length for anything from school to going out at night.  The color is so bright and so happy and just scream summer to me.
Shop: {shorts}

These two pieces I picked up from Zara.  The first dress I bought for a family party I have next weekend.  It's a chiffon-like material and in a gorgeous cobalt color.  Don't let the look of the dress from the hanger fool you, it looks completely different on.  It was so hard to choose between the blue and ivory color, but the blue just seemed like it had a little more character.  I also picked up this skull tank, which just is so Cochella.  I've recently had a thing with skulls, which is so weird, but I loved the bight colors in this top. I plan on going back to Zara soon because literally I want everything from their spring collection. 
Shop: {dress}

And lastly, I recently decided to join to see what they had because I see the commercial for this site many times a day.  Like other website such as StyleMint, it's one of those sites where you are credited each month.  Everything is $39.99 and they carry everything from shoes to clothing to accessories.  For becoming a member, I received a 50% code to use that day.  I found this bag and really liked the color and shape.  It's can be super casual or dressed up a little, which I like.  The quality is okay - is equal to what the price was.  I might try buying some accessories next month and see how they compare to the bag.  Overall, I would recommend it to any friend who's on a budget and likes trendy, cute stuff.

Have you ever tried or any similar site?  Let me know!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Spring Jewelry

I have been on a kind of jewelry kick for the past few weeks.  I love the affect jewelry can have on an outfit.  I literally have a list of more bracelets and necklaces that I'm planning on buying.  It's crazy.  Lately I've been loving layering jewelry and combining classic pieces with more edgy, trendy pieces.  Here are just a few things I've picked up recently!

This stretchy bracelet reminded me of something I would wear on a tropical island, far away from school, which is why I love it so much![countdown till summer = 56 days] The white makes this piece so summery.  Plus the white and gold combo is super chic.  I love throwing this on with a white button up blouse and other gold jewelry.

These two bracelets are perfect for layering with others.  I've recently become obsessed with skulls after finally saving enough for an Alexander McQueen scarf!
Buy: {pink skull}

I absolutely love this pearl bracelet my aunt gave me!  I love anything with pearls and the rhinestoned bead adds the perfect amount of sparkle.  

This necklace reminded me of a House of Harlow necklace I saw a few months ago and almost bought.  Except this one was literally a fraction of the price at a local boutique and had a pop of color in the middle (which is very fitting for spring!)

Both of these pieces were purchased off  I bought the red, white, and black zig-zag ring to wear with the pendant necklace above.  A leather bracelet has been something I've been wanting forever!  When I was in the city, I saw one a Henri Bendel for  $90.  The leather felt really cheap and the color was really dull.  However the red one above is super soft and the red is super vibrant - it's a great buy for $11!

This is probably my most worn piece since I bought it.  It literally goes with everything and makes every outfit feel complete. I have been obsessed with everything and anything monogrammed since. 
Buy: {necklace}

This JewelMint purchase was probably the one I was most excited about!  I've been a member of JewelMint for a couple months now but never purchased anything.  When I got an email with an 80% off deal for first time customers I knew I had to buy something. I came across this black leather wrap bracelet and absolutely love the little studs and rhinestones on it.
Buy: { - 'All Wrapped Up Braclelet'}

Lastly, I bought these stack rings from Henri Bendel and honestly can't stop wearing them. I've never been a ring person but something about these I love!  I've never really seen anything like these before at stores.  I like that they are really trendy, but still classic enough that I will be able to wear them in a few years from now.

  What jewelry have you been wearing lately?


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coachella Style

{all photos via}
Clock-wise: Alexa Chung, Hillary Kerr, Kate Moss, Kelly Osborne at Cochella 2011

  Coachella is probably the biggest music festival of the year.  It's also a huge fashion hotspot.  I always have admired the 'Coachella style' thats plastered all over fashion blogs about this time of year.  It's so interesting how some people put together outfits and mix and match pieces.  I'm really looking forward to see what everyone is going to wear this year!  So in the spirit of the festival, I thought I would share a little inspiration with some outfits!

Outfit 1 - This Coachella look is more safe played. One that can easily be pulled off by anyone.  I love the color of the crochet flats!  They are super girly and add a pop of color to the outfit!
Shop -
Shorts: Top Shop
Necklace: Forever 21

Outfit 2 - This outfit features one trend that I really wish I could pull off - wide leg pants!  They look so effortless and cool paired with a wide brimmed hat and fringed crop-top.
Shop -
Pants: Forever 21
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Ring: Top Shop

Outfit 3 - I absolutely love each of these pieces separately.  Together I think they create an outfit that is so 'Coachella'.  The lace dress is perfect for those hot days and the cute hunters are just what are needed for walking in the dirt.  
Shop -
Necklace: Bauble Bar
Headband: Free People
Boots: Piperlime


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


  I saw these Dolce and Gabanna pasta earrings from their SS12 collection online and were immediately intrigued.  They kind of reminded me of the pasta jewelry I used to make and wear in pre-school!  I couldn't really imagine how anyone could make these work.  Nonetheless, they are defiantly different and interesting - perfect as any conversation starter!

They even make earrings with little onions on them!

Shop them here.

What do you think?  Would you wear these?