Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Snapshot [10.28.12] - Hurricane Sandy Edition

Hope that everyone had a lovely weekend!
I know here in NJ everyone is going crazy over hurricane Sandy.
Due to the crazy storm supposedly coming, school was canceled for tomorrow and probably Tuesday as well. 
Last year when when we had that freak snowstorm (the exact same weekend...weird!), we had off from school a whole week!
But I'm actually really thankful for the day off because I have so much studying and homework to do.  So hopefully if I still have power tomorrow, I'll be able to work on projects and study!
In loom of the storm, I thought I would share my hurricane "essentials"!

1. Rain gear for walking the dogs!

2. A good Book (for when the power goes off and there's nothing to do)
OR in my case an SAT prep book!

3. Nail polish (check out my fall faves here!)

4. Some yummy snacks (that don't require microwaves or refrigerators!)

5. Hot drinks - weather it be hot chocolate or some tea, hot drinks are perfect for a stormy day!

I hope everyone on the east coast stays safe!
Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top Ten Fall Polishes

Fall nail polishes are definitely my favorite!  I'm really drawn to more darker colors, especially during the colder months.  My go-to colors at this time of year are black, oxblood, and navy.

These are the ten polishes I reach for most during the fall:

The first red polish reminds me of the color of candy apples, a fall time favorite.  And Essie Wicked is my favorite dark red, it goes perfectly with every outfit. 
OPI Just Spotted the Lizard is extremely similar to Chanel Peridot and I love the way it changes colors throughout the day.
Orly Decoded is the perfect slate grey/blue color.  It defiantly reminds me of winter.
And this list wouldn't be mine if it didn't include a navy blue!

On the bottom row, there are blacks, silver glitters, and a gold.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is probably the color I wear most.  It's not completely black, which I love!
And I love, love, love any glitter polish!  Except when it's time to take it off.

What are your favorite fall nail polish colors?
Have a great week!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Target x Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection 2012

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
So this past weekend I did a little shopping and while walking through the store, I noticed the large amounts of holiday themed merchandise already out on the floors!
It's crazy since it isn't even Halloween yet, let alone Thanksgiving!
I love Christmas though so I don't really mind.  December is my favorite month of the year without a doubt.  It's just such a happy month between holiday shopping, my birthday, and family gatherings!  

Anyway, as many of you probably already know, Target teamed up with the eminent department store, Neiman Marcus, to create a holiday collection being released December 1st.  Tons of well-known designers are participating in this. For example, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Diane von Furstenburg are just a few of the established brands.
If you haven't been to Target/tried shopping online when they come out with one of their capsule collections, let me sum it up in one word for you.

Absolute chaos.

I've only gone to the Target closest me, so I can only speak for the people who go there but literally, people act like animals.

Yesterday Target released the look book - to check out the full book click here!

Here are some of the items I'm eyeing - not only for myself but as gifts for friends and family!

Alice and Olivia Luggage $179.99
Brian Atwood Leather Gloves $49.99

Diane von Furstenburg Jewelry Box $49.99

Tory Burch Thermal Drink Container $24.99

So if you are brave enough to face the crazy Target shoppers, make sure to get there early and defiantly wear your running shoes and something comfortable!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Snapshot [10.14.12]

This week was incredibly stressful!  I was sick all week, but still had to go to school due to the ridiculous amount of testing I had.  I'm so happy that tomorrow is the start of a new week!
Today I'm going pumpkin picking with my family!  Pumpkin/Apple picking is one of my favorite fall time activities.  I just find the country so relaxing it always brings back memories of being little: going on the hay ride, wheeling the pumpkin on the cart and eating cider donuts!
And the weather is just divine today- a perfect 70!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

I don't watch Glee anymore but I've been completely obsessed with their version of this song.  It's literally on repeat!

At the Red Bull Game last weekend!

Dinner in Hoboken with my family - love the view of NYC!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Gossip Girl: Blair

Since the season 6 premiere of Gossip Girl is on tonight, I thought I would share my all time favorite Blair looks from past seasons.  I've always loved Blair's style.  It's preppy and classic yet trendy.  She can basically wear anything and has the best headband collection I've ever seen.  Queen B always looks polished and put together.  If I could have anyone on tv's closet, it would definitely be her!

Possibly my favorite Blair outfit ever, her dress at the White Party was just absolutely perfect!

I can't tell you how much Blair's outfits made me want to go to a preparatory school on the Upper East side.  Literally every one of her school outfits were perfect.

I love, love, love Blair's party outfit that she wore to crash Jenny's Upper East Side party.  The pearls and the sparkle equal perfection.

Obsessed with the coat in this outfit.  She always has the best coats. And bags. And shoes.

This outfit is just so what Blair would wear in Paris. I love how she is always dressed for the occasion!

Who's style on Gossip Girl is your favorite?
Make sure you watch tonight at 9 on the CW!