Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Snapshot [10.14.12]

This week was incredibly stressful!  I was sick all week, but still had to go to school due to the ridiculous amount of testing I had.  I'm so happy that tomorrow is the start of a new week!
Today I'm going pumpkin picking with my family!  Pumpkin/Apple picking is one of my favorite fall time activities.  I just find the country so relaxing it always brings back memories of being little: going on the hay ride, wheeling the pumpkin on the cart and eating cider donuts!
And the weather is just divine today- a perfect 70!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

I don't watch Glee anymore but I've been completely obsessed with their version of this song.  It's literally on repeat!

At the Red Bull Game last weekend!

Dinner in Hoboken with my family - love the view of NYC!


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