Monday, June 27, 2011

Style Star: Hilary Duff


     I think these "Style Star" posts are my favorite to put together because I get so much inspiration from celebrities.  They have the most amazing stylists and always seem to put together outfits brilliantly.
     With that said, I've always admired Hilary Duff ever since watching her on Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel.  I always thought she was really funny and extremely pretty.  She's so talented and can always make me laugh.  One thing I've noticed as she has gotten older is how her style has changed, but her personality has not.  And her personality is definitely 
seen in her outfits. She has always been the one to wear jeans and cute tees; while she still wears a lot of jeans, her tops have become a bit more sophisticated.  One thing I love about her style is that she wears a lot of scarves which is something that I constantly do too.  She also wears big chunky sweaters and boots which is so relatable to something I would wear.  She doesn't constantly wear dresses and heels like many other celebrities.  Her down to earth style and scarf collection is something I covet.
picture via The Vogue Diaries 
The other day I saw this outfit online and I feel in love with it!    The mix of colors is so in trend this season.  I love the bright, electric blue color with the fun bandeau.  This look is something that could be worn to dinner with friends or out during the day shopping.  The best thing about it is that the whole look of this can be replicated very easily and is appropriate for any young woman.

     To get this look:
1. Start out with with a simple white tank.  Hilary's has a little pocket on hers.      Make sure that it has a bit of a flow to it so that it's not as tight as your jeans and that the bandeau can peak though the arm hole a bit.

2. Next, add a bright colored bandeau color under the tank.  Hilary wears an orangey color which complements the blue great.  Try and keep yours in the orange-salmon-red family to get a similar effect.

3. Now it's time to add the statement piece.  Yes, those blue beauties.  In the picture, Hilary's seem a little cropped, which can easily be done by bringing your pants to the tailor and asking them to take up the hem.

4. Okay, so now for the shoes, any kind of black/metallic shoe will work.  To dress it up, you could even add a pair of black pumps for a more night-appropriate look.  

5. Time for the fun part - accessories!  Add some orangey-red beads or even just a layered gold necklace would work.  The look we are going here for is layers.  So pile on the jewels!

Have fun with this look!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Style Star: Hailee Steinfeld

pictures via People    

     After that moment I saw Hailee Steinfeld on the red carpet at the Oscars in a baby pink, Marchesa dress that she took part in designing, I have fell in love with both her and her style.  The one thing I love most about her style is the range she has.  One day she can be super girly and the next it can be a little more glam-rock.  The fact that she is 14 years old and dresses very age appropriate is so inspiring because it shows how great her morals are and that you can dress nicely without showing too much skin.
     Recently, she was pictured (below) at the movie premiere of "Cars 2" wearing a what I would call 'motorcycle chic' outfit.  Sporting a Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti print dress, along with Jimmy Choo boots and a H&M clutch, she looked both youthful and fashionable.  I love the mix of fabrics and materials - denim and leather.  Along with a dress which contained mixture of prints.  The clutch added a pop of color, and for me was the piece that brought the outfit all together.

Get this fabulous look for less!

Jacket: ASOS $68.96
Dress: Forever 21 $22.80
Boots: Forever 21 $27.80
Clutch: H&M approximately $12.00 USD (unfortunately not available online for US purchase - check stores!)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Throw it in the Bag

The "fabulous" Jersey Shore!

It's finally summer!  It seems like it took forever to come, however it is finally here!  So now it's time to hit the beach, relax, and enjoy the warm weather.  I can't wait to go to the beach this weekend.  I've been waiting for this for the past few weeks and am super excited.  And while my mother always says "the beach isn't a fashion show", I always think you should treat every street like a runway.  Yes, even at the beach you should be fabulous and leave your fashion mark there.  With that said, the perfect beach bag is definitely one of my necessities for a beach trip.  Here are some of the ones I've been eyeing for this summer!

1. Calypso St. Barth for Target Straw Tote With Sequins - Silver - $24.99 - I love, love, love this tote!  The straw and sequin combo looks more glam than tacky.  Also, the size of the bag seems perfect for storing all those beach necessities. 
2. Sequin Strap Straw Tote - $49.95 - Another sequin and straw bag, this one is another great option to achieve the look of the of the first one, but as a smaller option.  If you aren't a person who likes to carry a large bag, this one is perfect for you!
3. Carry All Tote - Pink - $19.95 - This is the perfect bag for throwing all your "beach fun" things in like games, balls, and tools to build a sand castle!  It's also great because you can personalize it by having your name embroidered which makes it that much cuter!  It would work as a great gift!
4. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Harbor Island Beach Bag - $98.00 - This bag is very durable with leather handles and perfect for transforming from a beach bag to a cary-all shopping bag.  I can definitely see this as the perfect bag for a beach day in the Hamptons!
5. Women's Sequined Tote - $16.94 - The last sequined option (I promise!) is another bag I am loving!  In my favorite color, this navy bag will go with everything and look great with everything!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Accessories

One of my favorite things about summer is the bright, fun colored accessories that come out in stores.   From jewelry to bags, there are endless options to add a pop of color to any outfit!  Every year, we see this trend come back in, and I for one love it!  It's the one time of the year where you can wear crazy neon colors and still look fashionable in doing so.  Another perk of this trend is the fact that it can bring out your tan!
           My Picks:
1. MICHELE 18mm Silicone Watch Strap - $70.00 - All it takes is a change of a watchband to make a huge statement.  In just about every color, these straps are both fun and functional!
2. Forever 21 Layered Bead Necklace - $9.80 - I love the color of this necklace - turquoise is so in! 
3. Anthropolgie Hue Pop Wallet - $98.00 - This wallet is super bright and cheery! Perfect for those times when you don't want to carry a bag, because you most defiantly will want to show this off!

4. Essie Brazilliant - I'm so obsessed with this nail color.  It's in just about every magazine and I've been looking for it forever!  There is something about wearing orange nail polish that makes me feel like it's summer.
5. Piperlime Nina Shoena - $89.00 (ON SALE $52.99) - Okay these shoes are absolutely amazing.  The color, the cut, the clog.  A perfect summer shoe!

4 more days til SUMMER'11!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Look For Less: Missoni

While taking a break from studying for finals, I did a little online shopping from Forever 21 and came across a tunic that reminded me of one of my favorite design houses.  As many people already know, Missoni's line for Target is coming out in just a few months and everyone is already dying to get their hands on it!  Well while we are all waiting, there are other places to get the looks for less.  Forever 21 has a tunic that embodies the Missoni spirit in it's printed zig-zag lines.  I love the use of neutral colors in the one from Forever 21 and how rich and expensive it looks.  It will be perfect for throwing over bathing suits at the beach or can be worn out to dinner with a pair of tan pants and brown wedges!  This is definitely a great deal compared to the $800.00 one from Neimans!

Click HERE for the Forever 21 tunic.
Click HERE for the Missoni tunic.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Essentials


With summer quickly approaching, there are a few things that I always have to have for the warm months.  They are pieces that I reuse every summer and love to update as each one comes around.  Something I love about these pieces is that they mean something different to each person.  Here I have listed just a few of my summer essentials, and a few options for you to build your summer wardrobe.

1. Denim Shorts - Just about the most worn bottom during the summer, these come in all different styles including cutoffs, bermuda, and high waisted.  I feel that it's super important to find a pair that suit your body and that you can go to at anytime to wear.  I personally love the cutoffs for the beach, bermudas for school, and high waisted for going out with friends!
a. Abercrombie & Fitch - Pamela - $58.00

b. Hollister - Santa Margarita - $44.50

c. American Eagle Outfitters - AE Flap-Pocket Denim High-Waist

2. Fun Flip Flops - Another thing that most girls have, are a necessity for everyday summer wear.  Weather to the beach or the mall, these shoes are perfect for quickly putting on with any outfit.
a. Bloomingdales - Tory Burch Enamel Flip Flop - $45.00

b. Bloomingdales - Havianas Slim Turkish Flip Flops - $30.00

c. Old Navy - Women's Printed Flip Flop - $5.00

3. Crisp White Tee - This is such a versatile piece in my closet and is worn many, many times during the summer months in various ways.  I love how you can take a plain white tee, and use is in numerous outfit so it will look different every time.
a. Target - Mossimo Women's Tissue Tee- Fresh White - $9.99

b. Forever21 - Heathered V-Neck Tee - $4.50

c. American Apparel - Le New Big Tee Unisex - $30.00

4. Sandals - The alternative to the everyday flip flop, these shoes will dress up your outfit and make it look that little bit more polished.  In a variety of colors and styles, there are endless options to these great summer shoes!
a. Bloomingdales - Sam Edelman "Gigi" Flat Sandals - $60.00

b. Steve Madden - Blinggy - $79.95

c. Nordstrom - Trouve 'Seabeck' Gladiator Sandal - $89.95

5. Sunglasses - A summer must, sunglasses are something that about everyone already owns.  With so many different styles and tints, there is definitely one out there for everyones face!  My favorite happens to be the aviator, which is one that works on many peoples faces.
a. Bloomingdales - Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviator Sunglasses - $129.00

b. Forever 21 - F1833 Sunglasses - $5.80

c. Forever 21 - F6829 Sunglasses - $5.80

6. Sun Hat/ Fedora! - I absolutely love fedoras!  I have recently started incorporating them into my outfits and have wore mine just about every day at the beach over spring break.  They are both practical and cute!  And the wide brimmed ones just scream glamour to me!
a. Urban Outfitters - Mint by Goorin Shalllow Crown Fedora - $29.00

b. Forever 21 - Wide Brim Hat - $12.80

c. Aldo - Phylicia - $20.00

xoxo alexis

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Blog Post!

So as of today, there are officially ten more school days until summer!  Ten more days until freedom, endless ice cream, no homework, the sun, the beach, shopping, tanning, relaxing, movie nights, and everything other amazing thing that comes with it.  I have been religiously counting down the days since spring break and am so happy that the number is finally down to 10.
So, I decided to create a blog to keep my mind off of other things at the moment, and also just because I have always wanted to have my own blog! I absolutely love writing, especially about fashion.  Fashion has always been the thing that can take me away from all my problems and instantly make me smile.  With summer coming up, I thought now would be the perfect time!  It also will be a great way to document my summer (because I never seemed to get the hang of scrapbooking)!  Until next time...