Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Essentials


With summer quickly approaching, there are a few things that I always have to have for the warm months.  They are pieces that I reuse every summer and love to update as each one comes around.  Something I love about these pieces is that they mean something different to each person.  Here I have listed just a few of my summer essentials, and a few options for you to build your summer wardrobe.

1. Denim Shorts - Just about the most worn bottom during the summer, these come in all different styles including cutoffs, bermuda, and high waisted.  I feel that it's super important to find a pair that suit your body and that you can go to at anytime to wear.  I personally love the cutoffs for the beach, bermudas for school, and high waisted for going out with friends!
a. Abercrombie & Fitch - Pamela - $58.00

b. Hollister - Santa Margarita - $44.50

c. American Eagle Outfitters - AE Flap-Pocket Denim High-Waist

2. Fun Flip Flops - Another thing that most girls have, are a necessity for everyday summer wear.  Weather to the beach or the mall, these shoes are perfect for quickly putting on with any outfit.
a. Bloomingdales - Tory Burch Enamel Flip Flop - $45.00

b. Bloomingdales - Havianas Slim Turkish Flip Flops - $30.00

c. Old Navy - Women's Printed Flip Flop - $5.00

3. Crisp White Tee - This is such a versatile piece in my closet and is worn many, many times during the summer months in various ways.  I love how you can take a plain white tee, and use is in numerous outfit so it will look different every time.
a. Target - Mossimo Women's Tissue Tee- Fresh White - $9.99

b. Forever21 - Heathered V-Neck Tee - $4.50

c. American Apparel - Le New Big Tee Unisex - $30.00

4. Sandals - The alternative to the everyday flip flop, these shoes will dress up your outfit and make it look that little bit more polished.  In a variety of colors and styles, there are endless options to these great summer shoes!
a. Bloomingdales - Sam Edelman "Gigi" Flat Sandals - $60.00

b. Steve Madden - Blinggy - $79.95

c. Nordstrom - Trouve 'Seabeck' Gladiator Sandal - $89.95

5. Sunglasses - A summer must, sunglasses are something that about everyone already owns.  With so many different styles and tints, there is definitely one out there for everyones face!  My favorite happens to be the aviator, which is one that works on many peoples faces.
a. Bloomingdales - Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviator Sunglasses - $129.00

b. Forever 21 - F1833 Sunglasses - $5.80

c. Forever 21 - F6829 Sunglasses - $5.80

6. Sun Hat/ Fedora! - I absolutely love fedoras!  I have recently started incorporating them into my outfits and have wore mine just about every day at the beach over spring break.  They are both practical and cute!  And the wide brimmed ones just scream glamour to me!
a. Urban Outfitters - Mint by Goorin Shalllow Crown Fedora - $29.00

b. Forever 21 - Wide Brim Hat - $12.80

c. Aldo - Phylicia - $20.00

xoxo alexis

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