Monday, June 27, 2011

Style Star: Hilary Duff


     I think these "Style Star" posts are my favorite to put together because I get so much inspiration from celebrities.  They have the most amazing stylists and always seem to put together outfits brilliantly.
     With that said, I've always admired Hilary Duff ever since watching her on Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel.  I always thought she was really funny and extremely pretty.  She's so talented and can always make me laugh.  One thing I've noticed as she has gotten older is how her style has changed, but her personality has not.  And her personality is definitely 
seen in her outfits. She has always been the one to wear jeans and cute tees; while she still wears a lot of jeans, her tops have become a bit more sophisticated.  One thing I love about her style is that she wears a lot of scarves which is something that I constantly do too.  She also wears big chunky sweaters and boots which is so relatable to something I would wear.  She doesn't constantly wear dresses and heels like many other celebrities.  Her down to earth style and scarf collection is something I covet.
picture via The Vogue Diaries 
The other day I saw this outfit online and I feel in love with it!    The mix of colors is so in trend this season.  I love the bright, electric blue color with the fun bandeau.  This look is something that could be worn to dinner with friends or out during the day shopping.  The best thing about it is that the whole look of this can be replicated very easily and is appropriate for any young woman.

     To get this look:
1. Start out with with a simple white tank.  Hilary's has a little pocket on hers.      Make sure that it has a bit of a flow to it so that it's not as tight as your jeans and that the bandeau can peak though the arm hole a bit.

2. Next, add a bright colored bandeau color under the tank.  Hilary wears an orangey color which complements the blue great.  Try and keep yours in the orange-salmon-red family to get a similar effect.

3. Now it's time to add the statement piece.  Yes, those blue beauties.  In the picture, Hilary's seem a little cropped, which can easily be done by bringing your pants to the tailor and asking them to take up the hem.

4. Okay, so now for the shoes, any kind of black/metallic shoe will work.  To dress it up, you could even add a pair of black pumps for a more night-appropriate look.  

5. Time for the fun part - accessories!  Add some orangey-red beads or even just a layered gold necklace would work.  The look we are going here for is layers.  So pile on the jewels!

Have fun with this look!

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