Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Snapshot [10.28.12] - Hurricane Sandy Edition

Hope that everyone had a lovely weekend!
I know here in NJ everyone is going crazy over hurricane Sandy.
Due to the crazy storm supposedly coming, school was canceled for tomorrow and probably Tuesday as well. 
Last year when when we had that freak snowstorm (the exact same weekend...weird!), we had off from school a whole week!
But I'm actually really thankful for the day off because I have so much studying and homework to do.  So hopefully if I still have power tomorrow, I'll be able to work on projects and study!
In loom of the storm, I thought I would share my hurricane "essentials"!

1. Rain gear for walking the dogs!

2. A good Book (for when the power goes off and there's nothing to do)
OR in my case an SAT prep book!

3. Nail polish (check out my fall faves here!)

4. Some yummy snacks (that don't require microwaves or refrigerators!)

5. Hot drinks - weather it be hot chocolate or some tea, hot drinks are perfect for a stormy day!

I hope everyone on the east coast stays safe!
Talk to you soon.

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