Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Snapshot [11.4.12]

{how i spent my days in the dark & cold: glamming up some old drink coasters, lighting candles, and reading}

I don't think anyone predicted how bad Hurricane Sandy was going to be.
It's crazy how one storm can affect the lives of so many people forever.

I just regained power and heat yesterday and spent today recovering and cleaning up around the house.
But losing power for a week is nothing compared to the thousands of people who lost everything.
Now that I finally got power back, I was able to see images of the Jersey Shore and Staten Island online and it's devastating to hear all the stories of the lost lives and lost homes.
The boardwalk where I hold so many childhood memories is completely destroyed, floating in the ocean somewhere at this point.  The beach, where I spend my summer days, gone.

I have family in both Staten Island and down the shore who were both greatly affected by the storm.
My cousins in Staten Island lost everything.  Their home, belongings, everything.
Down the shore, my cousins were lucky enough to get minimal damage but returned home to find neighbor's boats, couches, and debris on their front lawn.

I live in a suburban town in New Jersey, about an hour away from the Jersey Shore and 20 minutes away from New York City.
The night of the storm there were power lines coming down, trees falling everywhere, and many fires.
But nothing compared to the thousands left without places to stay.

There are may ways that you can help Sandy victims.
- Donate through the Red Cross or through iTunes
- Give blood
- Shop - if you are in the city, Barneys is donating10% of all purchases today to relief efforts ending today
- Donate clothes, gloves, blankets, toiletries

These next fews months are probably going to be really tough for a lot of people.
We'll make it through this.



  1. Wow! So glad you are okay. Prayers and hugs for your family! I can not even imagine what a week without power would be like?!