Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 5 Fall 2012 Make-Up Trends

{all photos via Harpers Bazaar}

I love makeup.  There is something about putting on a fresh face every morning that makes me feel so good.  My everyday routine is super simple.  Just some foundation, a little blush, a bit of eyeliner, and a swipe of mascara.  But there is something really fun about experimenting with different colors and different styles.  I keep up with makeup trends, however rarely do I venture out of my regular routine.  So today I wanted to share this seasons hottest makeup trends that I kind of want to try!

1. Deep Red Lips - I can't wait to try a red lip!  Red lipstick is super intimidating and super dramatic, however I think a red gloss would be more wearable and perfect for a night out!

2. Brown Smokey Eye - I think this is way more wearable and probably easier to apply than a black smokey eye.  I really love neutral eye shadows and can't wait to try this!

3. Cat Eye Eyeliner - This looks really hard to do, but I think this would be really fun for a night out!

4. Defined Eyebrows - Eyebrows are those things that are personal and different for each person.  But this season it's all about those thick, natural brows.

5. Fresh Flawless Finish - What girl doesn't want a flawless complexion?  A flawless finish can be attained with some primer, a little concealer or foundation, and some highlighter.  


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