Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts: Men

I love shopping for men.
I always find myself ending up in the mens department, eyeing cable-knit sweaters and pastel shorts - picking outfits for my imaginary boyfriend (okay I now realize how pathetic that sounds haha). 
Anyway, I love shopping with my dad.  We have so much fun picking out outfits for him.

I don't have a boyfriend so the only man I'm shopping for this Valentine's Day is my daddy but I think these gifts will work for any man in your life.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Men

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I swoon over any guy wearing Vineyard Vines.  Like it's actually the most beautiful thing ever. Extra points if it's pastel.  Which man wouldn't love this manly pastel pink shirt?
Next, guys love watches, right?  This black Michael Kors watch is actually pretty sharp.
Tickets for sports games always works.  Even if you don't necessarily understand how the point system of basketball works, tagging along shows you're taking an interest in something your guy likes.
Speaking of points, baking your guys favorite treats will score you some!  It's somewhat easy (depending on if you're Betty Croker or not) and inexpensive!  Check out my Pinterest board for more great recipes!
I got a pair of these Clarks boots for my dad for Christmas and he loves them!
Lastly, in my eyes, cologne is a great gift.  I know perfume and cologne is sometimes looked down upon by some in terms of proper gift etiquette, but I love receiving new scents!  The sampler set at Sephora is perfect because it lets the gift receiver try out a number of different scents and then redeem a coupon for a full-size bottle of their favorite!

What are you gifting the special men in your life this holiday?

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