Saturday, February 1, 2014

LF Sale!

Today I did a little shopping in SoHo and came across a wonderful surprise.
LF is having their 60% off sale!
Today was the first day of the sale, and it continues until everything is gone!
So run to your nearest LF for some AMAZING deals!

If you've been to LF during their sale before, you know how insanely crazy it is.
Think about a store on black Friday.  Then times that by 10.  Yes, it's that crazy.
But the sale is so worth it.  I promise.
Just be prepared!  Bring a water, charge your phone, and wear comfy shoes because you will be standing in crazy lines searching through high piles of clothes.

The girls at the SoHo location in New York are the absolute sweetest!
They bring clothes for you to try on, search for your size in those crazy piles and are the best stylists. 

So I wanted to share what I got to give you an idea of how amazing this sale is!
CAR MAR Rayon Denim Mid Rise Black Zipper Jegging
Originally: $216.00
Sale: $86.40
I love these jeans!  I was in the dressing room and one of the girls brought them to me.  I couldn't be happier!  They were on an amazing sale and fit great!

Katsumi Mix Chiffon Flounce Sweater
Originally: $156.00
Sale: $62.40
I love the chiffon fabric under this sweater!  Since it's attached, it's easy to throw on yet it looks like you carefully planned this amazing outfit.

Katsumi SpecYarn Sweater Tunic
Originally: $148.00
Sale: $59.00
One of the LF girls was wearing this sweater with a lace tank (the one below!) underneath and the side zipper open - it looked so cute!  The color is great and the zipper makes it really unique!

Millau Scalloped Edge Pleather Skirt
Originally: $138.00
Sale: $55.20
This skirt is so perfect!  From the pleather to the scalloped edge to the little cut out design, this is the skirt for a girls night out.

LOVE MAR Strappy Bra 
Originally: $48.00-$52.00 
Sale: $19.20-$20.80
These are my favorite bralettes!  They are perfect for shirts with a low neckline and literally come in just about every color.

Emma and Sam Lace Hem Tank
Originally: $108.00
Sale: $43.20
I got this tank in black but my sister's white tank showed better on camera!  I am in love with this lace trimmed tank top!  It looks great under sweaters, flannels, and with leggings!  If you hit the sale, definitely get this!

Stretchy Bracelet with Charm
Originally: $28.00
Sale: $11.20
I bought this bracelet for my best friend for her birthday!  The color is great and it's perfect for layering with other jewelry!

I would love to hear your LF Sale experiences and the great deals you score!

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