Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY Jewelry Holder

I love, love, love anything DIY.
My DIY board on Pinterest is filled with tons of projects I can't wait to tackle!
{Check it out here if you're looking for some new projects!}

Here's the story behind this project:
So one day I was in Hobby Lobby and saw a really cute frame to hang your jewelry on.
It was really pretty and so unique but didn't go with the colors in my room at all.  So I decided to try and make one myself!  I'm really happy with the outcome and wanted to share how easy it is with you guys!

Here's what you need:
- an empty frame
- a piece of ply wood to fit in your frame
- a piece of fabric (i got a half of a yard and still have enough to make another one)
- some knob fixtures (i ended up using 5)
- scissors
- hot glue gun
- ruler
- pencil
- drill

[Just as a reference, it cost me about $50 for all the supplies to build this frame.]

Here are the steps:
1. Measure the ply wood to fit your frame.  Then cut accordingly.

2. Next, drill holes for the knobs.

3. Then lay the fabric over the wood so that it covers it completely.  If you have a lot of excess fabric, you can cut it, but make sure it still folds over the wood.

TIP: I taped down the sides so it would be easier to glue.

 TIP: The fabric will bunch in the corners, so I found it helpful to cut it trough the center of the corner so it could be folded.

 Then glue down all the the edges of the fabric to the glue.  Make sure the fabric is completely flat on the front before gluing!

5. To glue the wood piece to the frame, place glue on the inner part of the frame so that the two pieces stick together.
TIP: Be cautious of how much glue you use!  If you put too much, when the pieces are put together, glue will spread and show!

6. Then to create holes for the knobs, use a knife to pierce small holes through the fabric.  Let the holes on the back of the wood serve as a reference as to where to cut the fabric.

7. Almost finished!  To install the knobs, take off the backing and screw it through the holes.  If the length of the knob is too long for hanging on the wall, you can cut the metal (or have someone else cut it like I did haha).

And you're done!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!


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