Friday, January 3, 2014

My Snow Day Essentials

I'm extremely happy to be sitting home right now in my sweats with hot chocolate instead of being at school.
Due to Hercules, the winter storm that hit the Tri-State area last night, we had a snow day today!

Last night I spent some time with my best friend Sam (& luckily neighbor!) watching scary movies and non-stop laughing.  Today, I'm hoping to catch up on some reading for school and cleaning.  

Today I wanted to share what gets me through these snow days!

snow days!

snow days! by aglitzylife featuring H&M

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You can bet that I'll be drinking something hot like dark hot chocolate or a vanilla latte!  And what even makes them taste better…? A really cute mug of course!  I'm obsessed with this one from Ashley Brooke Designs.  My outfit consists of a comfy Wildfox sweatshirt (love this 'East Hampton' one! it reminds me of summer on this dreary day!), yoga pants, and some slippers!  And to stay extra cozy, a beanie!

Today I'm really hoping to get through season three of Hart of Dixie!  I started watching it on Netflix over break and I've fallen in love with the show.  I need to finish before the season four premiere on January 13th! 

But like I mentioned before, I have so much reading that I didn't do over Christmas break that I have to catch up on…ooops!  

And I can't go to the gym so I'll probably do some Tone It Up videos at home!  Oh, did you see their show last night on Bravo!?  Karena and Katrina are the cutest friends and I literally laughed throughout the whole episode!  Can't wait to see the rest of the show!

I planning on being super productive today!

What does your snow day look like?
Hope everyone stays safe today!

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