Friday, February 28, 2014

My Everyday Jewelry

I love jewelry.  But when I'm getting ready for school in the morning, the last thing I'm thinking about is what bracelets I will match my outfit.
There are, however, a few pieces that I always find myself wearing.  I keep them out so I can have easy access when I'm literally sleepwalking/getting dressed.

My Everyday Jewelry

I start with my pearl earrings.  Literally wear these every single day.  They go with everything and make every outfit a little more girly.
Next, I put on my gold watch.  It's one of the few pieces of jewelry that's both cute and practical.
Then I layer some assortment of gold necklaces.  I really love the Dogeared necklaces and this Marley Lilly monogrammed necklace is one of my favorites!
Lastly, I usually put on my 'A' initial ring.  It's really simple and dainty.

What does your everyday jewelry consist of?

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