Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Christmas Decor

There's nothing better to do to get into the holiday spirit then a little decorating!  
I love decorating our house for Christmas.  It's just makes me so happy and excited for seeing family, watching christmas movies, and of course the holiday food.
I usually  buy a little tinsel and string on some ornaments, however I saw these cute DIY crafts that I think would be super fun to use as decor!
If you try out any of these crafts let me know!

Love this!  It looks super easy and it looks so much cuter than a plain, regular wreath that everyone else has hanging on their door!

To be completely honest, I love anything glittered.  Glitter is extra essential during the holidays and I think these faux-fruit glitter pears are perfect to put in bowl and display on the kitchen table!

I love the color of cranberries!  I think this would look so pretty at the Christmas dinner table!

Advent Calendar
I just bought an advent calendar, but I think this one is so adorable!  I love how each piece of the calendar is different.

Another wreath, i think this one is super cool!  All you need are some sticks and a hot glue gun!

How do you decorate for the holidays?

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