Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Holiday Gifts

So last week I wrote a post about DIY decorating, but today I wanted to share some super easy, super inexpensive DIY gift ideas!
This holiday season I've been trying not to spend a lot of money on presents because I'm saving for a trip (which is super hard!).
However, I don't want this to cause gifts for friends and family to be any less great then I would normally gift.
Lately, I've been seeing great DIY gift ideas on Pinterest and thought I would share them with you guys!

Make some of these and throw them in a super cute mug and voila - you have the perfect hot chocolate kit!

These are great if you have to make a lot of gifts!  You can even use these if you're giving a gift card as a little something extra.

I love gifting bath stuff.  I feel it's something that people don't usually buy for themselves and really appreciate.  I love how colorful this scrub is!

I think this is perfect for gifts for co-workers or teachers!  I love the way this is packaged in the jar! 

Have you ever given gifts you made yourself?

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  1. Great ideas. This year I made monogramed etched glasses!