Monday, August 13, 2012


Sequins and glitter have always been something that I've gravitated towards ever since I could remember.    I mean what girly-girl doesn't love some sparkle?
I've recently scored these Steve Madden flats at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale for about 40% off! 
My friends always ask me how I could wear such sparkly shoes.  I do have to admit, I own a few (okay more then a few) pairs of glittery shoes.  From sneakers to heels, I just love the effect a sparkly shoe can add to an outfit!
I don't think sparkly shoes are that hard to wear, especially in a subtle color like black.
The key is to wear them with a solid, simple outfit.
But for those of you who are a little hesitant, here a few fall outfits (because there are literally like three more weeks before summer ends ) I would wear with sparkly shoes!

Outfit 1 - This outfit is super simple and can be worn as casual during the day and dressed up at night.  Black and white is a timeless pairing.
Necklace - Bauble Bar
Bottoms - Forever 21
Shoes - Nordstrom

Outfit 2 - This outfit is perfect for a night out!  I love how the super fun wedges look with a more structured blazer.  And the color of these pants are beautiful - jewel tones are really in for fall!
Jacket - Zara
Bottoms - J.Crew

Outfit 3 - This outfit is extremely casual and perfect for those days when you don't really feel like dressing up.  It's also really comfy - jeggings and a cable knit sweater paired with a large scarf.  If I had $500 to splurge on sneakers, I would buy these Jimmy Choo high tops in a heartbeat.  
Top -
Scarf -
Bottoms - Bloomingdales
Shoes - Net-A-Porter

Outfit 4 - Lastly, I don't really wear boat shoes in the fall/winter.  However I feel that these sparkly Sperry's can be an exception.  I love how these silver glitter shoes go with the cranberry chords and oversized gray sweater.
Bottoms - J.Crew

How do you feel about glittery shoes?

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  1. I am the same way with glitter! My grandma's nickname for me is twinkletoes... haha
    And those emerald green J. Crew pants are to die for! I am loving emerald green for the fall!
    xx Rebecca