Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School: First Day Outfit

Picking out the first day of school outfit is always stressful.  You want to come back to school looking great, and be noticed for all the right reasons.  It's hard picking out an outfit that looks polished, appropriate, put-togehter - but not like you tried too hard.  Here are some ideas of what I've been looking at for first day outfits.

I really love these lace shorts.  This outfit looks so effortlessly put together with a simple tank.

These shorts are beyond adorable!  If I can find a similar pair, I think they could make a really cute outfit!

I love the knitwear in this outfit!  I feels slightly more fall (which I cannot wait for!) with the sweater.

This outfit is really casual but denim shorts with a nice white blouse and sandals could look really cute!

I really love the navy lace shorts in this outfit!  They look really nice with a plain white button-up oxford.

Lastly, this outfit is the most simple and casual out of all of them, but there is something so great about denim shorts and a striped top.  This can defiantly be dressed up with sandals and some jewelry.

What does your usual first day of school outfit entail?


  1. I adore these outfits!!! love the look of shorts and a knitted sweater!! that would be my pic :)

    Love K

    1. I am defiantly leaning towards a similar outfit! Thanks for sharing your pick!

  2. School clothes shopping was the best! To be a kid again! Love all these looks especially the lace shorts. Now following!

    1. I've been loving lace shorts too! Thanks for following! (: