Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monogrammed Decals

Okay so I may just be a little obsessed with monograms.
They just make everything feel more personal and look ten times cuter.
To further feed this obsession, I totally plan on monogramming all my school supplies this year.
It will make going back to school seem less painful.
I can see it now...monograms on my books, laptop, pencils.

Check out some of these great monograms!

I find Etsy to be one of the best places to buy personalized monograms from.  There are hundreds of styles and the prices can't be beat. 

I think these are great because they can be used for so many purposes - on notebooks, binders, computers, boxes!
{MSMudpieBoutique on Etsy}

How great are these monogrammed iPhone charger stickers? 

Okay so this may be taking it a little too far...but hey, it could be a thing.
{OwlOutfitters on Etsy}

Obsessed with this sparkly sticker.  
{cSaMonogramms on Etsy}

I've had these before...not the best in terms of staying.  However when it's on it does look really cute!

Are you a monogramaholic?

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