Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Snapshot [9.1.13]

Hello September!
As much as I say I don't want you to be here...there are so many things I'm looking forward to this fall.
I'm so ready for my sweaters and Starbucks seasonal drinks.
I'm so not ready for SATs, college appilcations, and having to wakeup at 7 again.

I'm trying to make these last two weeksof summer as enjoyable as possible.
However the weather has not been very sutiable for my hopes of going to the beach.
Even though the weather hasn't been on my side, it has definitely made me very productive! 
I cleaned my desk area, gone to the library to work on college applications, and starting filling in my Lilly agenda! 

Went though my pile of magazines that I haven't read. & yes they date back to March - oops!

The Penn State - Syracuse game was so much fun! 
Can't wait to be a part of college football next year!

Have a great Labor Day tomorrow!

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