Saturday, August 24, 2013

Liebskind Bag Review

Before I start writing about my new purchase, I wanted to address the little changes on my blog.  
{I've had this blog for a little more than two years now and I am continuously learning about what my interests are what I enjoy most writing about.  
I'm only seventeen and within the past few years, I've gone through so many 'phases' and grew so much.  With growing, comes change.  I hope you will all stick with me through these changes!}

Now onto the more better half of this post...I bought a new purse!
For the past year I have been trying to find a new black bag that I could use as an everyday bag. While strolling through Bloomingdales of Fifth Ave, I saw this Liebskind bag on display.
Prior to this encounter, I've never heard or seen Liebskind bags.
So I decided to do a little research....and this is what I found.

- The brand started in Berlin, Germany.
- Each of their pieces are made by hand individually, so they are each unique.
- Liebskind entered the US market in 2009.

These few facts alone intrigued me enough to make me want to learn more.
There aren't many reviews on blogs of Liebskind bags, or at least in English, but I was able to come across some comments on this PurseForum thread.
After scrolling through pages, and pages of reviews about the amazing quality of the "buttery leather" and "unbeatable prices" I was convinced that I needed to hit up Bloomies to get another look.

While I ended up going to look at this bag, in the end I walked out with this bag.
I figured the later bag was more classic and isn't as trendy.
I absolutely love the size and the way it collapses.
The detachable shoulder strap is perfect for shopping or strolling in the city.
Additionally, the price is unbeatable for the quality of the leather.

Here are some pictures of my bag:
{Sorry for my low-quality pictures!}

Liebskind makes bags in a variety of styles and colors.
The bag I purchased comes in all the neutrals, but also in fun colors like salmon and tangerine.
These are some of my favorite other Liebskind bags:

Spotlight On...Liebskind

So if you're on the hunt for a new bag, I highly suggest that you go to your local department store and check these out!

Liebskind SoHo Flagship


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