Thursday, June 6, 2013

Products for Perfect Nails

It's finally that time of year where you can show off your cute pedicure!
For me personally, I will not wear sandals unless my toes look somewhat decent.
However it can become very costly getting a mani-pedi every other week.

So if you can do it at home, why not?
For perfect looking nails, it's important to have the proper tools and to take care of them.
Below I put together some of my favorite products to achieve those nails that look like they were done at the salon!

1. Toe spacers, nail clippers and emory boards are essential!
2. I included the Julep nail growth serum and cuticle oil because they are great if your nails aren't in tip-top shape.  Within a few uses, your nails should be looking healthier!
3.  Lastly, here are some polish colors I'm loving.  I'm slowly starting to take off my dark nails and applying more pastels.  My favorite summer color would have to be Essie Fiji.

Products for Perfect Nails

Are you an at home mani-pedi girl or do you take it to the professionals?

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