Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey everyone!
The past week has been beyond crazy!
Between SATs and school work, my mind has been all over the place.

But I'm back!  And I really wanted to share an amazing online boutique I discovered!
The lovely Sarah of SarahBelle93x on YouTube introduced me to this amazing collection of preppy, yet trendy clothing.

It's called Hope's and sells everything from the perfect chevron dress for Sunday brunch, to a fun bralette top for that Summer music festival you'll be attending.

I recently made my first purchases from Hope's and I'm more than satisfied with my order.  I ordered the Half Shell Scallop Tank Top in White after seeing it in a picture on Tumblr and can't wait to wear it!
I feel like the clothing on their website is appropriately priced and ordering was such an easy process.  My order came a week later in really cute packaging and the quality is great!  I can't wait to place another order soon!

Here are just a few item's on my wishlist!


So definitely go over to Hope's and check out what they have!


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