Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Style Star: Ashley Tisdale

     Ashley Tisdale's style has definitely evolved since her days as Sharpay in High School Musical.  I love how edgy yet girly her style is.  She definitely knows how to wear comfortable clothes without looking sloppy.  Weather Ashely wears a tank and jeans or a cute mini, she always sticks to her personal taste in clothing which is quite admirable.

     A few weeks ago I saw this picture on thevoguediaries.com and instantly  coveted this look.  Sometimes it's hard to pull off the rocker chic look, however the jeweled blazer makes it easier to wear.

How to get the look:  

1. The Denim  First find a good pair of skinny jeans in a light wash.  Having the light wash makes the look more casual and perfect for the daytime.
2. The Tee Next, take any white tee.  Ashley wears a loose fitted one which gives the look a whole overall relaxed feel.

3. DIY Blazer Since Ashley's blazer is so unique, it's pretty hard to find one similar.  However, a similar look can be created with this easy D-I-Y!  All you have to do is buy a cheap, simple black blazer and acrylic flat back sew on jems from the craft store and sew them on!  They usually come in packs of about  20 and in a variety of shapes.  Just buy a few different sizes and shapes (in the color clear) and arrange them on the blazer in the way you would like.  Then sew them on and you will have a one of a kind!  I promise you that it won't come out looking tacky if it's sewed on well!
Various Jem Stones (about $5 for a pack of 75) 

4. Pumped Up Kicks For the shoes, Ashley wears a pair of high top converse, however you can wear any kind of similar sneaker to achieve a rocker, edgy feel.

5. Arm Candy Lastly, to finish off the look just add some arm candy with various black and silver bracelets.

p.s. Sorry for the lack of posting lately!  I promise once I get back into the routine of going to school and sports, posts will be more regular!
Thanks. <3

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