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NYFW: Spring 2012 Part 3

Saturday September 10
I'm always one for the preppy look and Lacoste was no exception.  I really enjoyed the subtle colors leading up to a more bright palette. The fun prints at the end were really nice too. The sweatshirt dresses were beyond cute.  Something I haven't really seen before.  Some of the looks were very similar but overall, it was a fun show.  My favorite look from this show is the sweatshirt/dress look.  It's so unique!

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Jill Stuart
The Jill Stuart show didn't really impress me much.  A lot of the sillohutes and cuts were similar.  A lot of them featured repetitive shapes and they all looked similar after awhile.  I did like the fabric though, it moved beautifuly on the runway and I adored the palm tree print!  I felt like the collection as a whole was really washed out, since the colors were really muted and so were the model's.  My favorite look for this collection would be the first tan and red one.

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Prabal Gurung
This collection was just beautiful.  I loved the cut shapes in the dresses which has been seen so much already on the runway.  The rich purple color is my favorite color and it is used so nicely in this collection.  When I look at each piece, they are like each a work of art.  Each one is so unique and different from the next.  His attention to detail is just amazing.  My favorite piece from this collection is the long sleeve purple dress at the end, gorgeous!

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Vivienne Tam
There were definitely some pieces in this collection that I would die to have in my closet and then others that I couldn't care less about.  I did like the prints and how the colors were muted yet still bright.  I also really liked the styling of this show.  The hair and makeup went really nicely with the character of the clothing.  My favorite look from this show is the one with the blue top and orange detailing with the printed pants below.

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Christian Siriano
I love Christian Siriano and think he is such a brilliant designer.  However after loving his Fall collection, this one fell a bit short.  Don't get me wrong, I still loved it.  But I was expecting a little bit more.  My favorite looks of his show were the ones with the tee shirts and chiffon fabrics mixed.  It's something that is really unexpected and actually looked super cute together.  Another thing I really liked was the mix of colors and neutrals. Favorite look here would be the striped top/tan chiffon skirt at the bottom. 

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Alexander Wang
I really liked Alexander Wang's spring collection.  It was definatley one of the more unique and trendy shows this week so far.  I liked the cut-out/mesh like pieces in the beginning of the show.  They were kind of similar to some of the pieces in Cynthia Rowley's show. Another interesting point in the show was the pieces with the print  that had an ombre effect. That was something that I haven't really ever seen before.  There were a lot of zipper details which reminded me of those parachute suits, but of course much chicer.  Then when the motorcycle suits/helmets walked the runway it made more sense!  I also really liked the model's hair and makeup.  It was beachy yet tough and edgy at the same time.  My favorite look from this show would have to be the black structured tube top with the black and white printed pants.

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Carmen Marc Valvo
I really did like this collection but one thing instantly struck me the when the first look came out.  The model's were wearing flat sandals.  This is something particularly unusual for fashion shows because usually you see models wearing 7 inch heels strutting down the runway.  However, the the sandals made the outfits look so much more wearable for the everyday woman.  Also the models looked healthy and not ridiculously skinny.  I loved the rompers and pleated skirts with the cardigans.  Out of all the collections seen this week, this one most describes my style.  I would have every piece of his in my closet if I could.  My favorite look from this collection?  Hard to choose but it would be the white dress below belted with the tan cardigan.

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Monique Lhullier
In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die. OOC.  Love.  Words cannot describe the feeling inside when I saw this collection.  Okay so I'll walk you though my experience.  From the first look, it was perfect!  The color is so bold and strong and definately sets the tone for the show.  Next thought, how amazing are the shoes?  They are just like perfect.  Love them!  Okay next, the hair and make up is super edgy, chic, and sleek.  Another love!  Then the leather paneling in the black number is amazing.  The black long dress with the pink shoulder = perfection.  The blue navy dress with rhinestones on it = double perfection.  I literally thought that was going to be the end of the show because I had no sense of time and it was just so fabulous that it could be a finale dress.  But it wasn't.  More amazing looks came down the runway like the yellow and black lace jacket.  I could just go on forever telling you how much I love it. (And that is why Monique Lhullier gets double the number of pictures!)  Don't even ask me which one is my favorite because I honestly couldn't choose one.

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