Saturday, September 10, 2011

NYFW: Spring 2012 Part 1

     I've been complete busy with the start of school, soccer, and homework.  However, I have made time to look at a few of the collections shown at New York Fashion Week!  So I'll start off by saying happy fashion week!  I'm really looking forward to seeing all the looks created by designers for Spring 2012.  I've been keeping my twitter feed open all week to see what all the industry insiders have to say about the collections, and they have been saying quite wonderful things!
     I went into the city on Monday and went to Lincon Center to see the tents being put up!  It's such a magical place!  I cannot imagine all the celebrities and magazine editors walking through there and into the tents.  Another huge fashion event this week was Fashion's Night Out!  I wasn't able to attend this year because of soccer practice, however a lot of my friends went and said it was fabulous!  They met and saw a lot of celebrities and designers as well as did some shopping!
     Anyway, I wanted to put a post up showing you all a few of my favorite collections shown so far.  I plan on posting 3 or 4 more posts like this as the week finishes.  So I'll just get right into it and start off with the show that began this amazing week!

Thursday September 8th
Nicholas K.
This show was the perfect one to start off the week!  I loved the color scheme, mostly whites, gray-blues, and army green.  The overall feeling felt very bohemian with tie dyes as well as a bit military.  The sheer, flowey fabrics moved beautifully down the runway.  My favorite look in this collection would be the teal colored one down below with the cut-out shoulders - they are something I am completely obsessed with right now!

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I love how the first look sent down the runway was a bright color.  It definately set the mood for the rest of the show.  The color for me was the best part of the show.  Another thing I absoltely adored was the cut-out shoulders in a number of the dresses!  They are definately going to be big for spring.  And for this collection, my favorite piece would have to be the navy jumper. The paneling, color, and shoulders are just perfect!

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I am going to post another one either tonight or tomorrow morning with pictures and comments on yesterday's shows!


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