Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!
Hope everyone is recovering from ringing in the New Year last night!
Can you believe 2012 is over?  I for sure can't.  So much has changed this past year - both good and bad.
I'm really looking forward to starting a new year.  I have a really good feeling about this year; I think it's going to be amazing {13 is my lucky number!}. Honestly this new year couldn't have come at a better time.  I love the start of the new year just because I feel like it's the perfect opportunity to set new goals, get back on track, and just kind of start over.
This year, my resolutions are to study hard, be healthier, and just remember to have fun.
How I'm going to accomplish those, I'm not sure.  But I'm excited to tackle them.

Five Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2013
1. Barcelona - I'm spending the summer in Spain to study international business and spanish and I'm really excited!  I'm hoping it will be an incredible experience!
2. Senior Year of High School - I can't believe at the end of this year I'll be starting my last year of high school!
3. Applying to colleges - of course comes along with senior year, it should be a really exciting process!
4. Turning 18 - I'll be a legal adult by the end of the year - crazy!
5. Lastly, lots of road trips - with getting my license recently, I definitely know I'll be creating so many memories with my friends

What are you looking forward to in 2013?


  1. A summer in Barcelona?! What an experience! Barcelona was one of my favorite stops when I traveled Europe.

  2. Happy New Year! You have so much to look forward to this upcoming year and I am excited to hear all about your adventures. Have a great week.

  3. happy new year and good luck at school ^^

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  4. Happy New Year! Wow, you have a lot of amazing things in store for you this year. Enjoy your senior year. One thing i know for sure is that it flies by like that. So definitely make the most out of it. :D