Friday, September 21, 2012

Living Social - ILY Couture

I love the affect a statement necklace can have on an outfit.  Accessories can take an outfit from ehh to wow.  The J.Crew bubble necklaces have been super popular over the past few months, but the hefty price tag of $150 has held back many people, including me, from purchasing one.
Looking at similar styles online, ILY Couture has come up many times in my quest for finding a similar statement necklace to the J.Crew style.  They have a great section of statement necklaces in an array of colors!
Today on Living Social they have a deal where you pay $16 (a $49 value!) for any statement necklace off their website.  68% savings back into your pocket.  It's an offer that I see can't be passed up!  Here are a few of my favorite necklaces on ILY Couture's website!

For the deal click here!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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