Friday, July 20, 2012

Carry-On Essentials

Happy Friday (almost Saturday)!
Sorry for late posting today!

I'm leaving early Sunday morning to Las Vegas for my uncle's 70th birthday so I've been trying to get everything done before I leave. I didn't realize how much cleaning and work I had to do!  
I'm pretty much packed and thought I would share with you my carry-on essentials!
I usually almost always use my large Longchamp tote because it's big enough to fit everything I need to get me though a flight.

(I have A LOT of catching up to do!)

I always have to have something to read!  Magazines, books, and kindle are a must!

Bag full of electronics and chargers

Plus some candy & snacks (:

Bracelets that I'm working on.

And lastly, my makeup bag.

What are your carry-on essentials?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I lokeeee your blog!! I follow you...I hope you'll visit mine and follow me back if you like it,kiss from Italia,Paolo

    1. thank you! i will definitely check out your blog and follow! (:

  2. I love that pink longchamp bag, it is so cute and seems to fit a lot of stuff in it!

    1. thank you! it does a great job of fitting everything I need!

  3. Las Vegas! Sounds like so much fun. I just got a tote very similar to a Longchamp and I agree that they'd be perfect to use as a carry-on. Love all the magazines and books that you brought--I always get a lot of reading done on the plane. I'd also advise bringing a day's worth of clothes with you in your carry-on just in case your checked bag gets lost.

    1. that's actually a really great idea! I will definitely have to start packing a pair of clothes in my carry-on!