Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have completely mixed feelings about rompers.  On one hand, I think they look really cute when accessorized right and are the perfect outfit in one.  But then some can look awkward and are such a hassle to take off when you need to use the restroom.  I really like wearing these out at night with wedges as an alternative to a dress.  Or I like to sport them during the day with flat sandals and with a casual fedora.  A romper is a piece that can be super versatile in one's closet.  My favorite of the ones below is definitely the hot pink one.  First it's pink.  It also has super cute side cut-outs as well as a tulip back - what more could you ask for?  With some chunky jewelry and a pair of wedges, you are ready for a girls night out!

Shop! (from left to right)

How do you feel about rompers?


  1. I thinks rompers are really cool thing, and i will be buy someone in a future :). I have to say, you have a cute blog! i will be a reader :)

  2. i loooooove rompers!!! they're my most favorite piece of clothing to wear during the summer.
    i really like that pink pair. it's so cute.

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  3. I was obsessed with rompers last year! I had a closet full of them(: I wanted to get some new ones this year, but they're harder to find- stores seem to be moving on. I'm not! They're comfy, and you can easily dress them up!


  4. Hii! I just love jumpsuits so much! They're amazing! <3 What do you think if we followed eachother? Kisses, Rita