Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clothes 4 Souls

  I recently discovered this website,, which sells different tees each week to benefit a non-profit organization.  This week, a portion of the proceeds from every shirt purchased will go towards providing children in Bolivia with clothes.  The charity, Clothes 4 Souls distributes clothes to those who are living in poverty.

  I went onto the organization's website because I was really intrigued by their mission and the statistics shown in their movie clip.  It shared that the average American discards 68 pounds of clothing per year as well as that over 85% of all clothing purchased ends up in our landfills.  These numbers are completely shocking to me. 
  Being someone who is a clothes hoarder, I definitely have some stuff that I don't wear anymore.  Knowing that someone else needs clothes, and I have something I can give to them, makes me want to do something about these statistics.
  I feel like if everyone did a little something to help others, there wouldn't be as many people homeless, starving, and struggling.  To me, just doing the smallest, little, thing such as giving a few items of clothes, makes me feel good because I know that in some way, I'm helping better someone's life.
  You don't have to buy this t-shirt to help benefit the cause. There are numerous other ways to help this cause.   

To check out the organization and find out how you can make a difference, please go to

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." 
-- Gandhi


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