Thursday, July 25, 2013

080 Barcelona Fashion

While I was in Spain for a Summer Pre-College Program, it also happened to be Barcelona Fashion Week.
Fortunately, I was able to attend one night and it was an incredible experience!
Barcelona is a city filled with fashionable people so it's no surprise that the event was filled with super trendy bloggers, stylists, and fashion enthusiasts. 
Fashion is such a big part of Barcelona and it was amazing to see that at the event.
Since I traveled to Spain with a program, I was only able to be there for a short period of time.
However it was just as exciting to be in the atmosphere and people watch.
It was definitely an experience I'll never forget, and one that I hope to be able to re-live again!  
Food vendors had savory burgers and sweet treats.

Designers displayed articles of clothing from tree-like racks.

"Pop-up" shops sold unique jewelry and leather goods.

The Space where the shows were held.


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