Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Staycation Itinerary

While it seems that my classmates are having fun based on Instagrams of the Aruba beaches and tweets about fruity drinks on the beach, I've been enjoying my time at home.  So far, my week has consisted of college visits (actually quite fun) , Gossip Girl, and food.  But I honestly can't complain.  It's been such a long time since I've been able to relax and just do nothing.  
So I made a list of things I've been doing this week and things that you can do if you're bored at home!

1. TV catch up day
These days off are perfect for catching up on all the shows you don't have time to watch anymore and re-watching your favorite episodes on Netflix. 

2. Have a girls night!
Gather a few of your best friends and either spend the night in with face masks and snacks or throw on your highest heels and go out for the night!

3. Bake-a-thon
Since you're not on an island somewhere in that tiny bikini but instead bundled up in a sweater at home, why not make those cupcakes or cookies you love?

4. or... get a head start on bikini season
If you are planning on going away for spring break or just want to get a head start for summer, hit the gym or try one of these videos at home!

5. Explore your nearest city!
Travel into the city and just walk around.  Pop into stores you never been to and eat something new!

6. Mani-Pedi
Every girl needs some pampering every once in awhile right? 

7. Shopping Trip
Think about all the money you are saving from not going away and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.   Feel free to combine this with the mani-pedi above.  

8. Start those DIY projects on your Pinterst board.
Remember all those projects you pinned but never had time to try?  Hit up the craft store and get to work!  Here are some on my board that I've been wanting to try - Travel Flat Iron Holder (+others!)

What do you like to do when you have time off?



  1. Sometimes a staycation is all you need! Sounds like a good time to me.