Monday, February 27, 2012

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2012 Collection

My favorite looks from the show.

  Roberto Cavalli has always been one of my favorite Italian designers.  I am an avid follower of his blog, and love him more and more every day.  He is extremely creative, knows how to make clothes that every woman wants, and his shows never disappoint.  He always leaves me in astonishment of how his ideas come together.  His fall collection was no exception.  The mix of patterns and textures came together in a way that if any other designer put them out, wouldn't work.  His collection had a very rock-in-roll, party scene kind of feel to it, which I absolutely adore.  From the sequins to the hems, every detail of his work in impeccable.  I loved the use of animal print and fur in this collection, as it complemented the bright colors.  In short, the collection was an alluring representation of who Roberto Cavalli is and what his brand stands for.

View the whole collection here.

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