Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blackout in October

 sweater trouvé leggings trouvé
headband henri bendel
shoes tory burch

 I was so excited to finally have the chance to blog this weekend since my soccer season is now over and I finally have some free time...however then we lost power due to the 'snowstorm' here in New Jersey. It was luckily restored today! When I first heard we were going to get some snow I thought it would just be a few flurries, but we got a decent amount of snow.  Powerlines and trees are down all over town and resulted in no school tomorrow!  It's so crazy since it isn't even halloween yet!  
     Anyway, I love how yesterday was a chance to try out some new goodies from Nordstrom!  I bought this sweater and these leggings when they had their anniversary sale and it was finally cold enough yesterday to wear them.  I love big, chunky sweaters in the wintertime with leggings and jeans.  I'm really into patterns for this fall/winter instead of dark solids like previous years.  And I absolutely love the leggings!  The front is a nylon/faux-leather material while the back is a comfy, warm fabric.

Hope everyone who was affected by the snow is safe!
Have a Happy Halloween!

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